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(Don't Be) Too Timid and Squeamish: Going Meatless Monday

Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Meatless Monday

Cutting the Cornbread
As a follow-up to my week of vegan eating, I have taken the Meatless Monday pledge. My family is even on board for dinnertime. (“Huh?” the boys gasped in alarm.)

For our first family Meatless Monday, I went all out.

Our Meatless Monday spread

I made a few dishes that were featured on the Meatless Monday web site:
Tahini Chipotle Roasted Sweet Potatoes

I added a dish that I loved during my vegan week that was featured on the Zen Habits web site:

I also made:
Lentil and Vegetable Vindaloo (I just simmered lentils and veggies in a jarred curry sauce.)

I added a few dishes to make sure my youngest had something to eat:
Brussels sprouts (leftovers)

Family reaction:
My husband and I thought the meal was great. My boys were a little dubious. My youngest had a bowl of cereal after dinner. 

There's always next Monday.

More Meatless Monday pictures on Flickr.

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